Breaking the Silence

April 24, 2013 at 1:45 AM Leave a comment

The politics of austerity have kept me busy over the past year. As a result I have not found the time to write a blog post for a year but I could not let this yesterday go past without making a comment. The significance of yesterday was that it was the funeral of Margaret Thatcher. An event which it is being estimated will cost this impoverished (sic) nation £10 million pounds.

Thatchers death has brought back many memories for me and other trade unionists that battled through the 80’s. Some of course are ecstatic about her death and see it as the end of an era. Others, me included believe that the time for celebration will be when we witness the death of her political legacy in the UK.

The Tories and the right wing press have used it as an excuse for a massive propaganda assault, extolling the virtues of Thatchers as a great prime minister and lauding her supposed single mindedness and political conviction, which they claim allowed her to push through the economic and societal changes that were needed. This includes extolling the virtues of and perpetuating the myth of thatcherism to underpin their current assault on working class communities and wholesale appropriation of the public purse.

For my part I do not believe that there is such a thing as Thatchersim. What we witnessed from her government was the first European example of Hayek’s neo-liberal project. The project of unfettered corporate capitalism, suppression of workers rights, free reign to use public assets to create profit for private interests and authoritarian government that acts on behalf of corporations instead of the electorate. These are all features of the neo-colonisalism that has been practiced in the global south since the end of the second world war, either through the world bank, global trade agreements or failing these, the installation ot backing of military/fascist dictators.

So for me the death of Thatcher is not significant because she was not a significant figure, just one of the many the we have had to fight against and will continue to face in the fight for justice and freedom from economic and political exploitation.


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