Too Clever By Half

June 24, 2009 at 4:21 PM 1 comment

I welcome the fact that the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) have finally woken up to the need to take action on the BNP, but am somewhat mystified by the approach they have taken. Before its demise the Commission for Racial Equalities interventions in elections was through the use of three approaches designed to try to minimise the use of racism being used by political parties in the election. The first was to challenge parties to sign up to a pledge stating that they would not use race as a political issue during the campaign, the second was to publically criticise politicians that did and the third was to issue advice to local authorities about how they could avoid having their premises and resources used by extremist political parties such as the BNP.
The purpose of the strategy was to put the mainstream political parties under pressure in a pubic way in order to minimise the use of the issue of race as a political football thereby isolating those parties that were overtly racists and undermining their credibility as mainstream politicians. Unfortunately, the EHRC since its creation has chosen not to follow the strategies of the past and was absent in the debates about the threat of the BNP leading up to the European Election. Even Trevor Phillips normally so adroit at getting his name into the Daily mail and telegraph was not quoted as saying anything.

The decision of the EHRC to issue a letter to the BNP post European Elections threatening them with an injunction if they don’t change their rules and practice and become a non racist party exposes a serious lack of political understanding and judgement on the part of the commission. It seems to me that this approach treats the BNP like a legitimate political party and implies that if the BNP could satisfy the EHRC that it had abandoned its racism that it would be all right for people including black people to support it. Of course the fatal flaw in this reasoning is that it does not recognise that the BNP is to its very core a fascist party. It is not just racist but is based on a philosophy which glories the nation as superior and believes in a centralised autocratic Government headed by a dictator, a uniform and rigid economy and social way of organising society and suppression of any opposition to its views. A quick look at it rules and manifesto reveals that it is anti democratic, anti freedom of speech and does not believe in representing the views or needs of people who are not its own members and do not subscribe to its own way of thinking. The tragedy of the EHRC’s move is that it seeks to use the law to reform something that is unreformable instead of taking it head on with the specific objective of marginalising it as a legitimate political player.

I am sure the BNP will love it. All that free publicity along with the potential for Nick Griffin to scream violation of Human Rights and about freedom of speech as the issues winds its way slowly through the courts may well help the BNP as they make themselves out as victims to a PC Government agency. Unfortunately this is a case of those wrapped up in the public policy world and out of touch with reality being too clever by half because they clearly have failed to ask themselves the question that even if they won who in their right mind would want to join or work for a party which is fundamentally racist, fascist against democracy and free speech and has links with right wing extremists and terrorists.


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  • 1. Hermine Gommer  |  February 18, 2012 at 8:50 PM

    Interesting explanation. I really like to make out the print IMDB


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