Is Greed Still the main factor

June 18, 2009 at 2:45 AM Leave a comment

So British Airways is expecting people to work for free to get over the current crisis brought on by the recession.  This weeks reports stated that it had lost £401 million in operating profits in the last year due to a collapse in passenger numbers.  Unions have quite rightly rejected the call as they understand that workers have bills to pay and need money to buy food to eat even if the company don’t understand this.  Most unlike managing director Walsh aren’t paid  £625,000 basic wage and don’t have big fat salaries which give them the luxury of not having to worry about how to live. Once again we see sections of the press accusing workers of restrictive practices just because they want a decent wage for a decent days work and don’t accept the prevailing wisdom.

In May last year British Airways reported a annual profit of £883 million.  This was despite the £124 million they had to spend becuse of the increase in oil prices.  I wonder if part of the crisis is about the company wanting to maintain paying out  dividends to share holders which they did so last year for the first time for a number of years. If so one of the realities of this recession is that working people are still being expected to pay for the greed an folly of the last ten years


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