The Future

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I spoke to both my daughters today and as always it was a pleasure.  The oldest  has just finished University and was full of the joys of  freedom from the hard slog of doing her final project for her degree.  I did’nt have the heart to tell her that the hard slog was just about to begin and that university had been a pale dress rehersal.

It has been some years since the job prospects for graduates has been so weak and after a decade of being sold the line that doing that course is going to give you a leg up in the world of work it about to come as something of a major shock to my daughter and her friends that (especially her friends) that those well paid professional jobs that they were led to believe existed are not out there.

Now I am not anti education,  in fact I believe in that old fashioned notion that educaiton is about discovering the nature of the world and for developing people as rounded individuals, not as a vast training scheme for producing money making machines as is the percieved wisdom.  I told both my daughters to go to university and pick a subject they liked and enjoyed, not something that they thought would enhance their prospects in the world of work. After all the first day you start work in a job is the first day you start learning it.

My hope is that my daughters generation see through the mirage they have been sold and grow to understand that life is more than accumulating money through some well paid but unforefilling job,  getting a mortgage and changing your car every two year on a goof higher purchase deal.   If they see that they may just get around to the project of working on ways to change ther world so that for their children its a better place


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